July 25, 2015 ~ Sunday River, Maine

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If you want to run 10 miles in the company of 10,000 other people and wait in half-hour lines to climb over a few walls, you'll find plenty of mud runs and military-style obstacles races where you can do just that. If you want to suffer for hours and risk life and limb, you can find those races too. But if you're looking for something different – something as fun as it is tough without the ego and the crowds – welcome to the Tough Mountain Challenge.

Tough Mountain Challenge is an adventure obstacle race born in the mountains of Maine that might just be the most awesome race in the universe. You'll tackle the alpine terrain of Sunday River ski resort and a variety of natural and man-made obstacles over a 5k course with plenty of elevation gain, and if you're feeling tough enough you can even shotgun a beer at a mid-course refreshment station. You won't die, but it's a challenge you won't soon forget whether you're racing the clock or just racing yourself. And when you finally cross the finish line, you’ll be surrounded by music, barbecues, a beer garden, a Mini Mountian Challenge for kids, chairlift rides, ziplines, and lots more.

The 2015 Tough Mountain Challenge is sold out, but everyone's invited up to join in the Big Ass Bash with Rustic Overtones Friday night and the all-day fun of the event and after party on Saturday including the always-popular Mini Mountain Challenge for kids.. Rooms start at just $99 either night.